"Why are some of your prices higher than -various competitor-?"

You may have noticed that Pioneer Ford's prices on our new, Ford inventory may seem slightly higher than some of our competitors. Why is this, when any vehicle coming off the assembly line with the exact same options will cost the exact same to every dealership everywhere? Are we not offering the best deals?

The answer is very simple. Pioneer Ford has built its reputation on, and found all of its success in having, the ultimate customer service experience. We refuse to lie to our customers, and do not take part in the nasty trick so many dealerships are implementing. You are correct that the exact same vehicle will cost exactly the same and have the exact same rebates, deals, and offers no matter where you go. So if Pioneer Ford is offering the real, honest price of the vehicle with real, honest rebates, why are other dealerships thousands of dollars lower?

They aren't. The trick is simple, but rarely noticed (and never called out). Ford offers a variety of rebates, along with programs for military, police, certain members of insurance companies, and many more. They vary from vehicle to vehicle, and don't always stack together. While mostly anyone can obtain the standard rebate options, these programs are specialized bonuses for certain members of certain organizations and have specific requirements to qualify.

Dealerships attempting to show the best price will often show not only the standard rebate, however ALL of the programs (even those that COULD not be stacked together) as their "special" price. Of course, when a customer drives to them hoping for a good deal at a dealership that will take care of them and finally sits down in the finance office, every rebate that does not qualify flies back off until they end up at the same price every other dealership offers.

Why do customers buy at these dealerships? Well, after someone has been badgered and pressured for hours and hours, often they will just give in and buy to get out of there. They just accept that "that's just how buying a car is supposed to be". It is not.

Why do dealerships do this? Imagine you owned a dealership that gives customers the typical customer experience, surrounded by a handful of identical dealerships with an identical experience, why would a customer come to you instead of the one a few minutes closer? Price, is what so many have discovered, is the only game they can play to stay in business.

Pioneer Ford makes you this guarantee: We will offer you the best REAL deal on a Ford vehicle, without the games, and the best Customer Service experience that you never even thought possible at a dealership. Come see the dealership that customers care about, because we care about you first.

Come to Pioneer Ford and Experience the Difference.